How to care for Koi

Caring for Your Koi

Koi come in a huge diversity of wonderful patterns and colours that are pleasing to the eye, this could be one of the main reasons why the koi has become such a popular choice to fill garden ponds with, not to mention that they are very hardy and moderately easy to maintain. By having koi as the main attraction in a water garden you can instantly enhance the area and bring it to life, there is nothing on earth like watching and listening to koi as they are rushing to their feed area to eat.

Koi fish are extremely hardy and have been known to survive for a long time in conditions far from perfect, this does not mean you can just ignore they fish and hope for the best, they still require a responsible owner to ensure their needs, little as they may be, to be met. Here on this site we offer you the reader all the basic information you will need to purchase your first koi fish and create an optimal environment and ensure the long-term survival of your fish.

Although they are a hardy fish, they do need to be maintained each and every day. They are supposed to be fed twice, but some believe one larger feeding one time a day is satisfactory. After you experience a koi feeding, you may want to reconsider and do it twice a day because it is so entertaining.

Another major concern with having koi is controlling the bacteria levels. Bacteria is the number one source of sickness in the koi fish. There are a variety of chemicals and substances to ensure that bacteria will not overrun the koi pond. It is advisable to talk to your local provider or pet store about which one is best because the environment and climate are important factors as a koi's body and immune system change in warmer and colder water.

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